Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wonderful Wednesday Pins

Wonderful Wednesday Pins...Because What Did I Do Before There Was Pinterest?

How cute could this be in your classroom door window? Better Homes and Garden has a template if interested in the monster.   Maybe in pink for Valentine's Day?  Or a bear or cute pink puppy dog saying Happy Heart Day?  The possibilities are endless for someone peeking out your door.  And it is made with wrapping paper- so easy.

I cut this out and put it on the back of a bookshelf that only I can see from my desk area. It's from tumblr and the pin did not lead back to a particular link to give credit.  LMK if you have any clue who originally posted it.   I have a tendency to start a million things and finish 5 of them, so this is helping me stay on track and prioritize.  Not sure my second graders would get this, but it would be awesome to post in higher grades.

Kristen @ Lil' Luna compiled a nice list of free Valentine fonts.  
Perfect for this month's projects!


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