Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Create A Link To Your Blog when Leaving A Comment

Want to know how to create a link under your comments on other bloggers' posts? It's ridiculously simple with the code below. Just delete the red text and substitute with your own info. Easy Peasy.

Here is the HTML code to create your custom link for comments:


Have A Spectacular Day!

Monday, October 8, 2012

Scholastic Bonus Points Score!

So I love getting the extra points in September for our first book order. Usually it's a good size order since the kids have been out of school and haven't placed an order in awhile.  My library is pretty stocked and I did get some more new books, but check out this baby...

It's the NO YELL BELL Classroom Attention Getter.
Not that I am a yeller.  I'm actually the opposite.
It can make 7 different sounds including handbell, bugle call (my fav), alarm clock ring, space alert, twinkle chimes, tick-tock clock, and applause.  I can't wait to use it to rotate my daily 5 centers during guided reading.  Yes, I am dork because I am excited, but it is really cool.  The applause will be nice after a student presents something or reads a journal entry.  Check out what else I purchased with my points.  Thanks Scholastic!
What have you purchased with your points or want to purchase?


Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Visualizing Freebie

Visualizing is such an important piece to the comprehension puzzle.  It is obvious my struggling readers are not always visualizing what is happening in the text.  I love to ask detail questions like, "What color do you think the cake was?" or "What do you think Gooney Bird's face looks like?"
 Then it's fun to compare answers..."I think the cake was chocolate."  "I thought it was white with blue letters that said HAPPY BIRTHDAY." "No, it's a pink princess cake like my birthday cake."  It leads to a great talk about schema and how schema helps with visualizing.  Here is a freebie to help your readers visualize while you read aloud.  It works well with a chapter book, a picture book  (don't show the pictures), or it can be done during independent reading time.

Click here for the freebie!

This is my first ever TPT item, so please leave feedback.  I plan on adding lots of freebies soon, so be sure to follow me on TPT. I'm linking up to Manic Monday.  Check out lots of freebies there and show some love to the teachers who shared them!

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