Monday, October 8, 2012

Scholastic Bonus Points Score!

So I love getting the extra points in September for our first book order. Usually it's a good size order since the kids have been out of school and haven't placed an order in awhile.  My library is pretty stocked and I did get some more new books, but check out this baby...

It's the NO YELL BELL Classroom Attention Getter.
Not that I am a yeller.  I'm actually the opposite.
It can make 7 different sounds including handbell, bugle call (my fav), alarm clock ring, space alert, twinkle chimes, tick-tock clock, and applause.  I can't wait to use it to rotate my daily 5 centers during guided reading.  Yes, I am dork because I am excited, but it is really cool.  The applause will be nice after a student presents something or reads a journal entry.  Check out what else I purchased with my points.  Thanks Scholastic!
What have you purchased with your points or want to purchase?


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